Automated strategies or Automated trading is an approach to financial trading. The essence of this approach lies in the strict formalization of the trade the strategy of the trader before the direct trading and the subsequent use of this system in automatic mode. The algorithm of such systems usually includes: analysis of market information from connected external data sources (quotes, news flow, additional analytical solutions), risk calculation and profits, opening and closing positions based on a given strategy. And all this is working without human actions! The point of this approach is to solve many technical and psychological «problems» associated with trading, such as emotions, doubts or «trader’s intuition», which often nullify the profitability of even the best strategies. Automated strategies is also known as Mechanical Trading Systems (MTS). This strategy provides the most accurate and timely execution of operations. Automated strategies eliminate the need to monitor a variety of indicators and constantly assess the market situation, and prevent the loss of entry points due to negligence or other factors. This configured and pre-tested system program performs the specified functions automatically. However, nothing lasts forever and financial markets are constantly changing, therefore the same strategy cannot work successfully all the time. In order to avoid associated problems, qualified operators monitor the automated systems themselves and are engaged in the collection and analysis of information about trading results. Based on the obtained data, correction and optimization of systems are made. As a result, the client receives a strategy that is always adopted to the fluctuating market. For the proper work of this kind of system, it is necessary to choose a quality service provider, a reliable A-Book broker, who provides a complete infrastructure for successful automated trading and IFINEFX is that Quality Service Provider