What is Forex

Get immediate access to over 100 currency pairs, including all the majors, many of the minors and a handful of exotics. Our reliable services, easy to use platforms and ultra-competitive trading conditions offer you a chance to take part and succeed in the 5.3 trillion dollar a day market that’s quickly becoming the most popular trading system globally. In case you’re not familiar with the term forex (Foreign Exchange) here’s a brief summary to get you started The foreign exchange market is by far the world’s largest and most popular financial market. Every day the market is traded globally by millions of organizations and individuals seeking to take advantage of its high volatility and liquidity. That means that under normal market conditions, there is almost always someone willing to take your trade, whether you’re going “long” buying or “short” selling.

24-hours, 5 days-a-week

One of the key elements behind the popularity in forex is the fact that no matter what time of the day or night it is, the market will most likely be open somewhere in the world. This is due to the fact that a typical week in the forex market kicks off on Monday morning in Wellington, New Zealand, and moves around the Globe – progressing through Tokyo and Singapore, eventually moving to London and closing on Friday evening in New York. Unlike with other financial markets, forex trades can be profitable under both bearish and bullish market conditions. That’s because in forex you have the option to either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ an exchange rate, depending on the direction you think it’ll go. As a result, you have two different ways to profit off of it (instead of one), which ultimately increases your ROI potential.

Why trade in foreign exchange with IFINEFX?

To keep it simple, here is a quick list of the benefits you’ll receive when you join our trading community:
  • True simplicity: we offer a cross-platform that is super-simple, intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Leveraged trading: gain large exposure to diversified markets with a relatively small amount of invested capital.
  • Spread transparency: we provide timely, accurate, and transparent handling of all bid-ask spreads.
  • Safety: we guarantee full security and anonymity of your personal information and transaction data.
  • The 3 no’s: there are no commissions, no hidden fees and no conflicts of interest.
  • Lots of freebees: a $10,000 practice account, trading indicators, signals, chart patterns and more.
  • Immediate order execution: we cut out any and all middle men and use industry-leading technologies to execute your trades in real-time.